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Response Protection Corporation's Captain Jim Hood

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Response Protection Corporation's Captain Jim Hood
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Capt. Jim Spentex Fire Hood

FLASHOVER, probably one of the scariest words in a firefighter's vocabulary. While your turnout gear is manufactured to withstand several seconds of searing flame contact your hood is not!  You deserve a fighting chance, the “Captain Jim” Fire Hood! The Captain Jim Hood is manufactured from Spentex© which is a carbon fiber material laced with Kevlar. It is extremely lightweight (6 ozs) and very durable. Spentex© has been washed over 100 times with little or no degradation of properties. Spentex© has no treatment additives, it is the fiber itself that provides the fire protection. The best part of the hood is that it allows for a degree of heat transference to allow the firefighter to be aware of sudden thermal changes that we all dread. When we demonstrate the hood using the torch you can see that the competitors hood bursts into flames in a very few seconds, The Capt. Jim” hood provides over 20x the flame protection, giving you a far greater chance to escape a dangerous situation safely.

Hood features:

  • Micro Carbon Fiber Material, 6oz.
  • Kevlar Blend (40%)
  • TPP Rated (26 Rating, increases with washings)
  • Arc Rated (ATPV 34 Rating)
  • Wicks Away Moisture (Perspiration & Water)
  • Wicks Away Steam
  • Washable (Plain Soap & Warm/Cool Water, Air Dry)
  • Fast Drying (Air Dry in Approx. 2 hrs.)
  • Expandable Face Opening
  • Length: 20"
  • NFPA 1975, Rated FR Material
  • NFPA 1971-2013

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